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ISPMan translation team

These people have cvs commit access to language files.
If you find a mistake or would like to suggest something about a locale. please contact them at
Note: You have to subscribe to the list to send a message there.

To avoid spammers, email address of the maintianers is not published.

Maintainers, please see below for instructions.
Language Maintainer Files
Chinese (Simplified) Quintus Leung zh_cn.po
Chinese (traditional) Quintus Leung zh_tw.po
Dutch Remko Scheers nl_nl.po
French Guillaume JUGE fr_fr.po
German Alexander Huber, TeamHost de_de.po
Italian Daniele Arduini it_it.po
Portuguese Brazalian Wendelmaques Rodrigues Pereira pt_br.po

For the Maintainers

Please checkout main trunk (HEAD) with your developer account access.
Make changes to the files and commit when you see fit.

To checkout:
export CVS_RSH=ssh
cvs -z3 co ispman
This will checkout a version is directory ispman. change directory to ispman/locale and run
perl -o locale.po where lang is the language that you are editing
This will extract all translatable strings from the templates and adjust the po file accordingly.
Then edit it, test it and when satisfied, commit it to cvs.
cvs ci lang.po
Please make sure to add a comment when comitting the file.
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