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ISPMan support
General support about ispman installation and updates. Renewable.
Rate: please contact us
This support contract gives you access to us by phone or email.
We can answer your questions or help you solve the problem that you are having.
When a major upgrade is available, we can help you go through the change process.

ISPMan installation and site audit.
Remote installation can be performed for ispman and related components
See the implementation document about rates and more information.

ISP related consulting services
This service includes customizations to ISPMan, development of extra components and/or integration to existing systems to fit in your business needs and infrastructure.Through our partner network we are also able to provide you with any kind of extended consulting in the areas of planning, setting up and designing ISP's and ISP related services.
Rate: varies. Please contact us.

For more informations:
Contact by email:

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